Sports Houses

Students will be allocated a Sports House at the time of enrolment for their entire time at this school. Houses are Coolock (Blue) and McAuley (Gold). Students will be encouraged to develop loyalty to their team and actively participate to their personal best level. Brothers and sisters would be in the same house.

Staff members are assigned to Houses especially as we prepare for Sports Carnivals to assist with the running of these days. House Teams are used for both Swimming and Track & Field Carnivals each year.   


Sports Uniform Days 2015

The following days are when Years 1 to 7 students have PE. 

Tuesday Year 1A, Year 1M, Year 2D, Year 4A, Year 4H, Year 6J
Wednesday Year 2C, Year 3G, Year 3HB, Year 5S
Friday Years 1 to 5 wear Sports Uniform; Year 6 wear their Leadership Shirts

Students in Years 1 to 5 can wear their Sport Uniforms on the listed day and then again on Friday.

Once Year 6 students have received their Leadership Shirts, they can be worn on a Tuesday and Friday.  They do not have to wear a sport shirt.

Prep Students wear their everyday Polo shirt on all days and don’t have a Sports Uniform to wear.  Prep Classes have PE on a Wednesday.


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