Parent Involvement

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Parent Help
Parents are always welcome to assist in and around the school in any capacity. Numerous opportunities exist in the classrooms; the school in general needs help with library, grounds etc; working bee assistance is an invaluable way of helping the school with maintenance and repairs. Any assistance you can give will be welcomed. Children love to see parents, grandparents and friends in and around the school! However under legislation all visitors MUST sign in at the front office before proceeding into the school. As well it is a school regulation that all parents and visitors must wear a Visitors Badge in order to be easily identifiable to staff and students – these are available upon signing in.

Tuckshop Services

The role of tuckshop coordinator is shared by Mrs Keli McCowan and Mrs Nina Muller, however we rely heavily upon volunteers to keep the tuckshop operational. Therefore if you can give assistance in any way it would be greatly appreciated.

Working Bees

Ten Commandments for Volunteer Safety:

  1. On arrival report to the person in charge to be allocated a job. This lets people know you are there so that they can keep an eye out in case you have an accident.

  2. Only volunteer for work you are capable of doing. You should never take on a job you are not capable of performing.

  3. Make sure you know the safety procedures for any plant or machinery you intend to use.

  4. Check to see if the equipment/machinery/tools you intend to use are in a safe working condition.

  5. Clear the area you intend to mow of any loose objects, which may be thrown out by the mower.

  6. Do not mow in close proximity to other people.

  7. Report all hazards you may encounter to the person in charge.

  8. Always wear a hat and sunscreen when working outdoors. Wear substantial footwear and any other personal protective equipment such as goggles, gloves or earmuffs.

  9. Don't lift anything that is too heavy for you. Know the right way to lift!

  10. If you need to use chemicals, check the label for any hazards that you face when using the chemical. Ask for the material safety data sheet if you are still not sure.

Smoking is prohibited around fuels.
Never fool around or play pranks on your fellow volunteers; someone could get hurt.

This list is in no way a comprehensive safety manual. Its purpose is to raise your awareness about safety.


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