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Important Dates
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12th March
P&F Meeting 6.30pm Meeting Room

13th March
Sarina Little Athletics AGM 4pm

16th March

National Day Against Bullying

19th to 23rd March

Student Led Interviews
all classes except Prep & Year 4HP

26th to 28th March

Student Led Interviews
Prep & Year 4HP

29th March

Holy Week Liturgy
Last day of term

16th April
Pupil Free Day

17th April
Classes resume for Term 2

22nd June
Pupil Free Day

14th February
Ash Wednesday


Thursday and Friday

Uniform Shop
Friday 8.30am to 9.30am

Sports Uniform Days
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Website Issues

Welcome to our website...

St Anne's School was founded by the Sisters of Mercy and officially opened 23 May 1925. Our school provides students from Prep to Year Six with a contemporary and well-balanced Catholic education in a family atmosphere. The school family consists of a caring and willing group of parents and students, together with a dedicated and experienced staff.

St Anne’s Catholic Primary School is located in the coastal town of Sarina, in the Rockhampton Diocese.  The student population of the school remains relatively stable.

Parents believe that St Anne’s offers their children a quality educational curriculum in an environment of care and nurturing, support and respect. The school has a very strong sense of community ownership. Strong support exists between staff, students and parents with a very active and dedicated Parents and Friends Committee and School Board.

Community News

As we are committed to providing a safe working and learning environment for all, members of the St Anne’s Leadership Team will conduct a weekly induction of volunteers on a Tuesday. All volunteers across the school must attend one of these sessions – many of you already have at our beginning of year meetings with teachers.

If a session is not booked by a parent it will not be happening – in essence, it won’t be running if no-one books in. It won’t be good enough to just turn up and hope for the best as there is preparation which needs to be done.

If you have relatives who assist at the school, they too must attend one of these sessions. All inductions will occur at 8.30am sharp in the meeting room.

It is that time of year again when we hold Student-Led Interviews. The purpose of these interviews is to inform parents of how their child has settled into the new year and the progress they have made so far. It is also a great time to discuss any questions you as parents may have regarding homework, student expectations in the classroom and general achievement and behaviour.

Interviews for all students except Prep & Year 4HP will be held in week nine, 19th – 23rd March. Parent Lounge will be open from 9am Thursday 8th March to 3pm Wednesday 14th March for parents to make bookings with teachers.

Interviews for Prep & Year 4HP will be held Monday – Wednesday Week 10, 26th – 28th March& Thursday – Friday Term 2 Week 1, 19th & 20th April.    Parent Lounge will be open from 9am Thursday 8th March to 3pm Wednesday 14th March for parents to make bookings with teachers.

It has recently been brought to my attention that the Sarina & District Athletics Club, which is a longstanding club within Sarina and surrounds, is at risk of folding due to lack of committee members. They are holding a Final AGM at 4pm on Tuesday 13th March 2018 at the Sarina & District Athletics Club at Brewer’s Park. If they cannot fill all of the committee positions at this time the club will need to be dissolved. If any St Anne’s families are part of, or would like to be part of, the Sarina & District Athletics club I ask you to please consider attending the AGM and take on a committee position. I know many St Anne’s families have benefitted over the years from attending the Athletics Club’s “Little Athletics” program and it would be wonderful to see this continue into the future.

On Holy Thursday March 29 we will gather in the hall at 9am to begin our Easter celebration. The students will re-enact the Stations of the Cross. Some children will play special parts and the entire school will make up the crowd scene. We would like all the children to be in costume, to sing, to respond and to join in prayer together.

Please keep costumes as simple as possible and to enable dressing to be done in the classrooms – school shorts and singlet /T-shirt underneath. A couple of suggestions:-

  • a rectangular piece of material (or a large scarf) with a neck opening and a simple cord tie around the waist
  • an oversize T-shirt with a cord tie around the waist
  • an old pillowcase with cut-outs for neck and arms with a cord waist tie is suitable for some Prep and Year 1 children
  • sandals or bare feet

The next P&F meeting is being held at 6:30pm on Monday 12th March in the Meeting room at St Anne’s. All welcome. Please note the earlier time. We are trialling this over the next few months.

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